November Wishlist - B-L-A-C-K

November Wishlist

Top - Topshop £40 | Jumper - Monki £25 | Boots - Zara £80 | Trousers - Topshop £42 | Card Holder - Whistles £20 | Bra - Monki £10 | Nike Trainers - ASOS £82

Since doing my last wishlist type post, I've seen so much more stuff in stores that are to die for! now I hardly want anything I did before. I'm obsessed with all things black right now, especially wearing it with neutral accents such as clean whites, creams and silvers. It's my birthday next month (November) so I might add some of these to my wishlist because I love absolutely everything.

October Favourites

Firstly, woah where has the year gone?! I know we always say it at this time of year but, for 2013 it's especially true. Anyway, I have been obsessed with these items throughout the month and, I'm quite excited to share them with you. 

The Playlist

My love for music was definitely inherited from my parents, mostly my mom though -- who used to be a musician back in the 80's. I mention in my bio that I am addicted to music. That is no lie. My life revolves around songs and playlists. Even right now, I'm sat writing this post with Coldplay's 'Live 2003' album on in the background, he,he. 

Here's just a compilation of old and new songs I've been loving recently.
Have a good evening or day, wherever you are