The Playlist | December

I've kind of failed at the 'posting more' statement I made earlier this month... life catches up with you! But I definitely wasn't going to pass on a December music playlist! So this month I've been enjoying a lot of festive sounds, in particular the Christmas album's by She n Him and Michael Bublé. They're both so fun to sing along to whilst doing something like cooking or excitingly wrapping presents. Also! as of late, if the news of Beyoncé's unforeseen new album release managed to be an absence to you... I think it's damn good and I'm loving it - definitely worth listening to if you want to/can.

1. Michael Bublé - Santa Baby                                     16. Beyonce - Mine (ft. Drake)
2. White Lies - First Time Caller                                   17. Beyonce - Rocket  
3. Ottis Redding - Hard To Handle                                18. Beyonce - Drunk In Love (ft. Jay Z)    
4. Jhene Aiko - The Vapors                                          
5. Of Monsters and Men - Silhouettes                          
6. José Gonzalez - Instr.
7. She n Him - Christmas Waltz                                     
8. The Lumineers - Gale                                                 
9. Banks - Warm Water                                                                        
10. Sampha - Too Much 
11. Robert Glasper - Afro Blue
12. José Gonzalez - Cycling Trivialities               
13. Asgéir - Lupin Intrigue
14. Drake - Worst Behaviour             
15. Jhene Aiko - Bed Peace

December Wishlist 2013

Christmas wishlist 2013

Buckle boots - Zara £80 | Dress - Zara £30 | Grey top - Zara £25 | Jeans - ASOS £35 | Jacket - H&M £40 | Boots - Vagabond £90 | Skort - Zara £26 | Sequin top - Topshop £42 | Skull - Urban Outfitters £15 | Vinyl - Amazon £19

Eeee it's December already. I've been going into West London at least twice a week over the past month just to run a few errands, and of course you can't not look into a few shops whilst walking through Oxford Street right?
Zara is my favourite shop for clothes but I am OBSESSED with 95% of what they have at the mo'. I've also introduced a couple of my friends to Zara and they absolutely love it as well... It just puzzles me how they hadn't known about it years ago. I'm also liking the 'Biker' look... meaning lots of leather and metal accessories. The other few things I'm lusting over are gorgeous, like the skull and sequin top. Lastly, as I received a couple for gift on my birthday & fell in love,  I thought it was about time I started collecting vinyl records of my favourite albums and/or singles just like my mom started doing when she was my age!

Thanks for reading  =) x