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Nike track & field campaign spring 2016

Athleisure Sport Tribes

The athleisure trend has dominated the global market over the past year as more people are choosing to wear activewear for athletic purposes or not.
Fact: The word 'Athleisure' is now in the dictionary
defined as "casual clothing designed to be worn for both exercising and general use." - Merriam Webster
Below are the five different consumers that have been identified under the Athleisure umbrella, exploring their differing styles, lifestyle drivers and brand choices.
Which one are you?

#AllDayActives: the true legacy of the athleisure trend, seamlessly integrating activewear and performance fabrics that suit the day-to-day.

#ProteinPrincesses: product of the #FITSPO boom, all about the aspirational fitness lifestyle and looking good on social media.

#Fashleisures: contemporary and urban, the uniform of the street. Mixing premium sportswear with everyday wear. Masters of high-low style.

#Ath-Luxers: aspirational and premium, the early adopters of the athlesiure trend. Experts of transitional dressing and elevated sportswear.

Sports Editorials | Jaw Mawson

I could spend all day looking through the fashion photography archives of inspirations such as Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel and Mario Sorrenti but it’s not often that I’ll explore the world of sports/sports luxe fashion editorials.

Jay Mawson

A British commercial fashion photographer who is based in Manchester, Leeds & London. He is behind the photography for copious sport clothing brands such as Adidas, JD Sports and Reebok. His translation of sport luxe into editorial fashion is what drew me to his photography even more despite recognising his work on billboards and in the windows of my favourite sports shops. The imagery is often very clean with bold hints of colour.
Images from (Via Google Images)

Two Cool London Gyms

There are some gym's in London that seem like a dream space to be able to work out in. Below are my top two. Both of these gym's differ in price and style of facilities but are definitely the kind of place to visit once... or twice if you can't stay away.
  • Third Space 
100,000 square feet and 3 floors of luxury training space featuring: cycle studio, natural zone, resistance zone, functional zone, cardio zone, sports hall, combat zone, pool, scuba diving, climbing wall, pilates zone, power plate zone and golf lab.

Equinox London